Light Green Postcard Bow Tie
Birch Craft & Co.

Light Green Postcard Bow Tie

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Go bold or go home! This unique bow tie has a cool twist: the pattern is that of an vintage postcard! On the light green background, you can see the cool writing and stamps of a post card long ago. Not only is it unique in that you've never seen anything like it, but its also unique because you'll never see anything like it ever again! This is a once in a lifetime bowtie: there's only one and there will never be any more!

But why buy Birch Craft & Co. bow ties? What makes Birch Craft & Co. SO great? Well, our bow ties are ACTUAL BOW TIES: meaning they aren't stiff pieces of fabric sewn to look like a bow tie. Whether you choose to tie your own bow tie with our self-tie version, or keep it simple with the pre-tied bow tie, we don't cut corners. All of our bow ties can come untied to be washed, ironed, and retied. (We aren't perfect, sometimes we spill nachos on our bow ties!)

And they're COMFORTABLE! We only use 100% cotton, making our bow ties soft and breathable. They are also adjustable to fit you. Easy adjustable sliders make it easy to pick your perfect fit and keep it there for the next time you want to wear your bow tie. And to top that off, choose our pre-tied version and never have to look up "how to tie a bow tie" again!

We care about safety at Birch Craft & Co. which is why all of our Toddler and Child size bow ties come with adjustable velcro straps to safely and comfortably fit your child. Plus, its easier than the standard metal hardware: theres no need to worry about tricky clasps AND fidgety kids!


Adult size fits neck sizes 14-18".
Child size fits kids age 6-12+, neck sizes 10-14".
Toddler size fits kids age 1-6, neck sizes 8-10".

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